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Increase your charity fundraising performance for your next cause or event in Hong Kong Thank You HK can help your cause

Your donation could restore someone’s life, prevent avoidable diseases or support someone who’s irreversibly ill to live a little longer.

Join a special group of volunteers who want to help charitable causes reach success and help Hong Kong become a better place

Latest Causes & Events

Oolaa Restaurant | Crossroads Foundation / Thank You HK Charity Dinner

A join charity event brought to you by Thank You Hong Kong and the Crossroads Foundation Book Your Ticket Today and help the Crossroads foundation...

Created Date: Friday, 12 January 2018
Hit: 6253
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Crossroads Foundation - Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

We’d love your help for Crossroads’ annual fundraising campaign, this year. We’re focusing it on planting hope for grassroots families. Ultimately,...

Created Date: Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Hit: 6149
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A night at Wagyu Lounge for The Four Oarsman

3,000 miles. One ocean. Four oarsmen. Inspired in part by Ben's courage and determination, four rowers will cross the Atlantic in November and raise...

Created Date: Saturday, 30 September 2017
Hit: 6289
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The Marvel 10K Weekend at Disneyland Hong Kong

The Ben Kende Foundation is excited to announce that we are involved in the Marvel 10K Weekend at Disneyland Hong Kong! (See...

Created Date: Monday, 18 September 2017
Hit: 6600
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Charity Support Services

Thank You Hong Kong will list all Causes and Events on its website with an online donation function to include registration and any other method deemed necessary to promote your charities cause and events with Thank You Hong Kong
Thank You HK will also add your causes to third party partner advertising channels including Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click campaigns).
Thank You Hong Kong will help create brochures and other presentation materials for the Foundation’s Causes and Events
Present the Cause to Thank You Hong Kong’s corporate partners for collaboration events and any other suitable placements
Seek Prospective Donors through Thank You Hong Kong high net worth database
Thank you Hong Kong will assist in the management of the Donation Transactions to the Cause(s) on behalf of the Foundation.

About Thank You Hong Kong

As a non-profit organization, we always try to find ways to help people who are suffering from poverty, epidemics, illiteracy and natural disasters in Hong Kong. We look to promote public awareness of good causes with the help and collaboration of our donors, partners and volunteers.
Thank You Hong Kong as established network collaboration with of online like to like fundraising platforms and professionals in the financial sectors to ready to help and support our charity causes and events.
Thank You Hong Kong's inspiration in helping our charities to better succeed in managing their causes and events. We are wholeheartedly working as a fully active marketing manager & financial partner to our charities as well as a support agent to our donors and members who support our causes and feel alike.
Thank You Hong Kong's mission is to help raise public awareness for charity events and raise funds for charities & community based charitable causes in Hong Kong.
Thank You Hong Kong aims to raise public awareness and funding via online social media campaigns with a focus on music, arts and sports/fitness related events throughout the hk SAR region. We have recently agreed work closely with Angels for Orphans and look forward to a joint event with the sar Philharmonic in June 2018. (Dates and venue tbc)

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